Yellow Super Wax - 200 Litres

Yellow Super Wax - 200 Litres


SUPER Car Wax – Available in  Concentrate 


Promotes rapid drying without streaking, Concentrated formulation, reduces oxidation on paintwork, Eliminates water spotting, Suitable in hard or soft water.

Super Wax promotes rapid drying without streaking, Concentrated formulation, reduces oxidation on paintwork, Eliminates water spotting, Suitable in hard or soft water.


Use on all automatic car wash machines. Use neat turn the dosing pump control up or down depending on desired effect or degree of water softness.

How to Use:

Rinse: Start by rinsing your vehicle thoroughly with water to remove loose dirt and debris.

Dilution: Dilute High Foam Plus as per the recommended ratio mentioned on the packaging. Typically, a 1:10 ratio of shampoo to water works well.

Application: Apply the diluted solution to the vehicle using a sponge, soft cloth, or foam cannon. Begin from the top and work your way down, ensuring even coverage.

Foaming: Allow the product to generate a rich foam, which helps to lift and encapsulate dirt particles.

Agitation: Use a sponge or a soft brush to gently agitate the foam and work it into the surface, paying attention to heavily soiled areas.

Thorough Cleaning: Continue to clean the entire vehicle, ensuring all surfaces are covered and scrubbed gently to remove dirt and grime.

Rinse Off: Once the cleaning is complete, thoroughly rinse off the foam and any remaining residue using clean water.

Drying: Use a microfiber towel or a drying cloth to dry the vehicle, ensuring a spot-free and streak-free finish.

Optional: For added protection and shine, follow up with a suitable wax or sealant to enhance the gloss and longevity of the clean surface.

Note: Always refer to the product’s instructions and guidelines provided on the packaging for specific usage recommendations and safety precautions.

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Yellow Super Wax, the ultimate solution for achieving a stunning, showroom-quality shine for your beloved vehicle. Engineered with advanced technology and a concentrated formulation, this high-performance car wax offers a range of benefits and features to enhance your car’s appearance and protect its paintwork.

One of the key advantages of Yellow Super Car Wax is its ability to promote rapid drying without streaking. This means you can achieve a flawless finish in less time, saving you valuable hours while still obtaining professional-grade results. The concentrated formulation ensures that a little goes a long way, allowing you to cover more surface area with each application.

  • Promotes rapid drying without streaking
  • Concentrated formulation for maximum coverage
  • Reduces oxidation on paintwork, keeping your car looking vibrant
  • Eliminates water spotting, ensuring a flawless finish after washing
  • Suitable for use in both hard and soft water conditions
  • Compatible with all automatic car wash machines
  • Easy to use with adjustable dosing pump control for desired effect
  • Creates a protective barrier against UV rays and environmental pollutants
  • Enhances the shine and appearance of your vehicle
  • Provides long-lasting results, keeping your car looking showroom-ready.
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