Paint Protection

Paint Protection


Waterless Car Wash & Wax

Paint Protect cleaner waterless car wash and wax is a revolutionary new way to clean, polish, and protects your vehicle without water and gives amazing long-lasting result.

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A specifically designed polish/cleaner for use on used or new cars. This polish contains special silicon-based compounds that protect from UV light [oxidational]. it also helps prevent traffic film from sticking to painted surfaces. It can also be used for cleaning vehicles that are only lightly soiled. For this purpose, it is ideal for use as a waterless cleaner polish i.e. you do not require the use of water.

Directions for use
Use 2 microfibre cloths, the surface can be dry or damp. This is suitable for light to moderate dirt
1. Spray a light even coat onto the panel.
2. Gently wipe off.
3. Swap to a clean cloth and buff haze to shine.

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